5 veggie friendly places to eat in Paris

It’s a common myth that being a vegetarian/vegan in Paris is hard and that going out to eat is almost impossible. As with most myths, it doesn’t hold any truth and though the options can be limited in a traditional bistro (you will still have at least 2-3 options), there are a lot of veggie-friendly restaurants popping up all over the city.
I love eating out and I do it as often as possible. I’ve been to a lot of great places during this past year and some of them have become favorites that I return to time and time again. Here are some of them.


I’ve mentioned Kook on this blog before and I will probably mention this place again. Located right next to my old workplace, I would eat lunch here several times a month. It’s not a vegetarian place but they have a lot of veggie options, including soups, quiches, salads and more. It’s my favorite spot to have a quick, filling and delicious lunch without breaking the bank. A main dish with dessert is about 10 euros and a 3 course meal is 13,50 euros.

Go there for: A fast lunch with fresh, delicious food. The place is small and there’s just one long table, so don’t expect to stay here all day.

La Recyclerie

The super hyped café/restaurant/bar/workspace/atélier in northern Paris is a lovely place to spend an entire day with friends, eating, working or just hanging out. Tea and coffee is cheap, the decor is amazing and the WiFi is strong – I’m actually writing this post while drinking fruity tea in one of their velvet couches. They have several organic, vegetarian lunch options and a vegetarian brunch is 22 euro during the weekend.

Go there for: Weekend-brunch, coffee with friends, studying and working or a party on Friday night. La Recyclerie is good for everything!


My favorite burgers in the whole world can be found in this small restaurant, located in the heart of Marais. The food at Hank is 100% vegan and absolutely amazing. You can choose between a range of burgers, sides, desserts and drinks – my favorites are the burgers “La catcheuse” and “L’allumé” with potato wedges and vegan mayonaise – trust me, it tastes like the real deal! The place is often packed with young people sitting on the benches and couches upstairs, but if you can’t get a table you can grab the burgers to-go. A menu costs 12-14 euros.

Go there for: Burgers that can cure the worst hangover, amazing veganaise, and a great vibe. Bring your meat-eating friends and convince them that vegan food can be delicious!

Tien Hiang

I had heard about this place for months, before I finally went on a Friday night with my Swedish friend who knows all the good veggie spots. I was a bit skeptic, since you can get all kinds of vegan “meat” and the thought of eating fake beef/ham/chicken didn’t sound very appealing to me –  but boy, was I wrong. The tiny, packed restaurant serves the most delicious Asian dishes and the soy/vegetable “meat” fits perfectly in the 100% vegan dishes. My favorite was the spicy, sour coconut soup with “shrimps” and the dumplings were great as well. The prices are very reasonable, around 20 euros for food and drinks.

Go there for: A unique dinner, that does not taste like anything else – in a very positive way. This place is extremely popular, so expect to wait at least 15 minutes to be seated.


It was by coincidence that I found Samina about a year ago. It’s located in a very touristy area with a lot of restaurants with mediocre food aimed towards the hungry tourist. Samina stands out with tasty, traditional Indian food for a good price. I strongly recommend the vegetarian “Thali”, a plate with different Indian dishes. They have a lot of choices for vegetarians and vegans alike and I especially like their curry based dishes. A meal with drinks will set you back about 20 euros.

Go there for: A dinner in good company. For one of my last nights out in Paris, I invited 10 girls to Samina and enjoyed food, wine and plenty of room. Come hungry, the servings are big!

What are some of your favorite veggie friendly restaurants, in Paris or elsewhere?

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