2017 Travel Bucket List


My second home and all-time favourite country. This year I’m going back with a dear friend, to spend a weekend at my grandmother’s place in Normandy and a few days in my favourite city Paris. We’re leaving in mid-February and I can’t wait to see my friends, visit all the places I love and eat croissants for breakfast every day.
Although I lived in Southern France for a brief period as a small child, I’ve never been back to visit and I would love to visit Marseille and Nice this year, maybe in September.


I’ve applied for 5 universities in the UK, so hopefully, I’ll move to London, Cardiff or one of the other cities where I’ve applied, this summer. I can’t wait to explore more of London, a city I’ve only visited once. I would also love to visit the Scottish highlands, as I’ve heard that the landscapes are beautiful and the people are friendly. I can’t wait to spend long weekends and holidays around the UK, exploring new places and meeting new people.


I was actually supposed to visit Morocco in November, but unfortunately, we had to cancel and I ended up visiting Portugal instead. I had planned quite a bit and was especially looking forward to exploring Marrakech and visiting Chefchaouen and Essaouira. Depending on whether I’m starting school this fall, I might go on a 2 week trip to Morocco. I’m planning to bring a big suitcase, as I know I’ll want to buy all kinds of things, from spices to beautiful rugs.


My obsession with the Norwegian show SKAM has sparked my interest in going back to Norway. I’ve had family living in Oslo, so I’ve been a few times, but I would love to go back and visit some of the more rural areas of Norway. The dream would be to go up north and see the northern lights, but a short visit to Oslo or Bergen could do. I’m looking forward to practising my Norwegian and maybe go on a few, short hiking trips.


As a Dane, it’s almost embarrassing that I’ve never really been to Sweden. I’ve driven through on my way to Oslo and I’ve caught a flight from Malmö airport, but I’ve never actually spent any time in our neighbouring country. Sweden is supposed to be amazing in the summer, so I’m thinking of spending a long weekend in July, visiting Stockholm. I also really want to visit ‘The world of Astrid Lindgren’, the park that is dedicated to the Swedish children’s author.


I lived in Spain for 2 months in 2015, working as an Au Pair in a little town in the region of Valencia. During my time I fell in love with the Spanish language, traditions and the amazing food culture. I spent most of my time on the Costa Blanca, with a short trip to Granada and I would love to go back and explore much more of this beautiful, diverse country. I really want to visit Barcelona, a city that I’ve heard great things about, but never got around to visit. I’d also love to go to Gibraltar and take the ferry to Morocco. I’ve been trying to practice my Spanish in the past year, but the best way to practice a language is to talk to locals, right? At least that’s my excuse to go back!


I actually go to Germany a few times a year, more or less, as my grandparents live really close to the border. Usually, it’s just a trip to the border, to buy cheap beer and chocolate (yup, it’s a thing), but I’ve also visited Flensburg and Berlin a few times. In the past year, I’ve spent many hours at the airport in Hamburg, but I haven’t visited the city yet and I’m gonna change that in 2017. My friend and I are landing in Hamburg on our way home from Paris, so we’ll definitely spend a day there and I’ll come back for a weekend trip in the summer, to explore the rich history by day and the famous underground clubs by night.


I visited Portugal for the first time in November/December 2016 and I really fell for the laid back atmosphere that seemed present everywhere in Algarve. Since I went in November, I wasn’t able to see dolphins and flamingos, that are easier to spot during spring and summer. I’d like to go back and take a scuba diving course as well as some boat tours to photograph the rich fauna in the Ria de Formosa, a big natural marine park on the South coast. What I’d especially like to see this year is Lisbon, a colourful city that I’ve wanted to visit for years. I’d love to go there around my birthday in May if I’m able to find cheap plane tickets.

SE Asia

Another trip that I was actually supposed to take in late 2016. I was supposed to go with my Parisian landlord, an older woman, whose company is wonderful. We had decided to take a month-long trip together, but unfortunately, she wasn’t able to go due to health conditions. I already have most of the vaccines, so I really want to go within the next 2 years, before some of them expire. I especially want to visit Myanmar, Northern Thailand, the Vietnamese coast and Angkor Wat in Cambodia. Since this is a longer trip, it’s only something I’ll do if end up taking a year more off from school, in case I don’t get into a university. I want to do this as a long backpacker trip (like everyone else) and really spend a lot of time in each place, in order to understand the culture and the people better.


Do I need to explain why I want to visit this beautiful country? It seems that everyone wants to visit Iceland right now, myself included. I’m especially interested in exploring the nature, but I wouldn’t mind spending some time in Reykjavik as well. While writing this list, I’ve read a few articles about the Icelandic government asking tourists to stay away in 2017, as the tourist boom has had a negative effect on the environment. Hopefully, people will act responsibly if they do decide to go. I’ll have to wait a while longer, but hopefully, I’ll be able to visit Iceland some day.


Specifically Budapest. I’d really like to take an interrail trip through eastern Europe, but since I won’t have time this summer, I’ll at least try to make it to Budapest, a city that I’ve wanted to visit for years. It’s funny, cause I haven’t done a ton of research on Budapest, but every time a friend comes back from visiting, they always tell me that the city is amazing, so now I want to check it out for myself!

These are the places that I really want to see in 2017. I know that I probably won’t be able to take every one of these trips, but I’ll definitely try to go on as many of them as possible and spend the year exploring and expanding my horizon.

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