The Parakeets in Hyde Park

On a sunny October day, while I was visiting London, my friend and I decided to go for a walk in Hyde Park. It was my first time in London, but I had heard of Hyde Park, the enormous green space in the centre of the city. What no one had mentioned to me were the wild parakeets.

As we were strolling along a lake, I suddenly saw a man with a bird in vivid colours sitting on his shoulders. We were sure that the bird belonged to the man until we got closer and discovered that there were lots of parakeets flying around the park and sitting in trees and palms of people with food.

It seems that no one really knows why there are wild parakeets living in the parks of London. Some say that they are descendants of birds that were freed from their cages during the Victorian era, others that they’ve come to the city much later. All I know is that they are beautiful, incredibly curious and love apples.

The one on my shoulder actually got stuck in my hair, poor thing. It managed to fly away pretty quick though

I can’t wait to go back to London in 3 weeks and see if I can spot some of these beauties again!

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